Eliphino   VRYBDY/Dont Make Sense

I have been loving Eliphino ever since I heard More Than Me on the Jamie xx/Caribou Boiler Room session. I hunted and consumed all of his material, and since then haven’t been able to stop noticing how many DJs drop his stuff, and for good reason.

Beware, if you don’t like repetitive vocal samples this is one for you to skip. If like me, however, repeatedly singing the same few words for several minutes does it for you then you’ll dig this. Aptly titled VRYBDY (it makes sense upon the first listen), it’s a powerhouse anthem, relentlessly driving away for 6 whole minutes.

Also on the same piece of wax is Don’t Make Sense. Check them both out below.

Justice - 'New Lands' (A-Trak Remix)
Adventure Club - 'Rise & Fall' feat. Krewella